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LiveU LU800

Livestream.Global have LU300, LU600 & LU800 units available to hire.  We also have the LU2000 server which can be used to either on-pass a feed to a destination of your choice,  or serve as a primary decoder at your facility.  We have plenty of options available for multi-channel, IFB & return video.

We also have crews with LiveU equipment standing by to cover major news stories.   for broadcasters.  Please get in touch if you'd like to discuss how we can help with your next production


Our LU800 units are at the heart of our multi-camera operations.  We use the power of LiveU to enrich our Remote Production, or REMI setups. The LU800 offers up to four high-res, fully frame-synchronised feeds using IP bonding of up to 14 separate connections. We also offer Satellite internet services for productions in bandwidth-challenged locations.  Give us a call to talk about our Starlink Internet systems,  which beautifully compliment our LiveU encoders

The LU800 also allows IP pipe remote control of remote equipment, such as PTZ cameras or vision mixers. Field-station communication is enhanced with two bi-directional audio channels, as well as Video Return and Tally Light.

Our systems are available to hire nationwide and are supported by our 24/7 on-call team.  We're able to help with connection issues,  data requirements, additional channels and other technical queries either over the phone or on e-mail



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