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Specialists in online broadcast engineering, integration, remote production, virtual & hybrid events

Livestream.Global was founded in 2006, we are a London based, independently owned company 

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Livestream.Global Studio

Livestream.Global Limited is formed of a small team of deeply passionate and hard working TV professionals.  We are specialists in online broadcast, remote production, virtual & hybrid events.  We help companies of all sizes broadcast their message online to virtually anywhere in the world using either our own fully developed bespoke web platform or a streaming platform of your choice


Our talented team are at the core of what we do.  From virtual & hybrid events, to web apps, & portals, to encoding & bonding, to live production & capture, collectively we have the diverse skills required to help bring your production to life. We strive on quality and stability, and our record of successful projects and happy clients is testament to that.  We started our journey in live streaming 15 years ago and we're very proud of where we've come in that time


Film Production

We're specialists in Online Broadcast.  We've been at it for over 15 years and we've helped all kinds of clients, just like you reach their audience.  We've worked on some pretty big projects, and tiny ones too.  No matter the size of your livestream requirements, get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you with your next project  

Virtual & Hyrbrid events

Virtual & Hybrid events are here to stay and we're delighted about that.  We can help your clients save money, increase audience, encourage interaction, generate leads and grow their presence online. We've been involved in online broadcast for over 15 years, and because of that we've helped lead the way over that last 3 years in deveoping high quality, technologically advanced virtual & Hybrid events

Remote Production

Remote Production is has taken strides forward over the last 5 years and we're delighted to be a part of it.  We've fully adapted to new remote production workflows and we can now offer fully managed remote productions from our gallery in Bow, East London.  We deploy minimum equipment and staff on site and take care of the rest back at base.  The benefits of remote production are vast, but above all it has changed the landscape in Broadcast Television for the better

Broadcast engineering

All our Broadcast engineering solutions are designed to maximise your customer's capabilities and streamline their workflow. We work across the UK and overseas with broadcasters, facility and production companies, advertising agencies and media businesses as well as specialist university and college departments.


Livestream.Global offers the perfect solution for all types of multi camera shoot, Whether it's pre-recorded or live, we have the facilities to install a TV gallery wherever your production requires.  Space is often at a premium at venues or shoots and getting a full size truck or vehicle in to location is sometimes not possible,  our flyaway solutions mean that your production staff can be close to the action and the show can be directed from within the venue itself.  We've provided flyaway solutions for the BBC, ITN, BT Sport, an array of foreign broadcasters ad corporate clients over the years.  We also provide fully remote and hybrid solutions.  Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements



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